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What is Machpay ?

Machpay is a product of Nexdha Ai Fintech Pvt Ltd. Machpay offers payment services designed to meet a diverse range of payment needs, such as bill payments, rent payments, and vendor payments. This convenient solution enables customers to make payments securely and efficiently using their credit cards/Debit cards/UPI/Netbanking. It streamlines the payment process, providing increased flexibility and convenience for all parties involved.

How to use Machpay ?

• Just go to Dashboard - click MAKE PAYMENT - (if you are using for the first time you will get an alert box explaining the traffic issues in payment gateway , click PROCEED).


Where to view Profile Details?

• The profile details can be viewed in "MORE OPTIONS" menu which can be seen by clicking "YOUR ACCOUNT " in dashboard.

How to add/delete beneficiary ?

• Go to Payment Screen
• Click "Add Beneficiary" (or delete)
• ALTERNATIVELY Click + symbol in the "View Beneficiary" page ([More Options] -> [View Beneficiary])


What is Convenience Fee ?

• There is a 2.5% charge on every transaction done on Machpay.
• This is the convenience fee. M
achpay charges a low convenience fee of "2.5%" (TWO POINT FIVE PERCENT).
• In the payment screen you can choose who will bear the convenience fee. The amount can be borne by either the receiver or the sender. By Default, the receiver pays the convenience fee.
• Example: I have to transfer 100 to my friend –
• If I select ‘Me’ in the payment screen – the amount charged to me will be INR 102.5
• If I select ‘Receiver’ in the Payment screen – the amount charged to me will be INR 100. The receiver will receive INR 97.50


Where to view Transaction History ?

Transaction History can be seen by clicking "TRANSACTION HISTORY" in dashboard. You will also be redirected to transaction history once you have completed your transaction

What are the details available in dashboard ?

The count of number of transactions that has been done successfully and the amount that is yet to be received by the beneficiary will be displayed as pending settlements.

Why Transactions Fail ?

• BANK NETWORK error or CVV error : if the credit card bank rejects the transaction, kindly ascertain that the card details are correctly entered, and OTP is current. Machpay cannot help you with this. Please contact the Credit issuing bank.
• For Debit cards, If online transactions are not enabled, the transaction will fail.
• If the transaction has failed, but the amount got debited, please contact support. Failed transactions will also be listed in transaction history. You can try again even if the transaction fails.
• The payment gateway might reject your credit card if it is supposed to be used within company premises (i.e) PREPAID CARDs for food, parking etc


After entering OTP, the gateway takes a long time to reload, or times out, but amount got debited from Bank account ?

• Your amount will be safe in the Nodal Account of the Payment Gateway.
• Please send an email to regarding this issue and our support team will take care from there.
• Your M
achpay account will be updated with your transaction details within 24 hours,
• Note that there will be no delay in transaction. Your beneficiary will receive the amount within T+3 bank working days from the date of transaction.


The amount was debited from my bank account but can't see the transaction in Transaction History ?

Your money will be safe with Machpay. Your transaction will not be delayed and will reach your beneficiary within T+3 bank working days. But please mail the issue to

Why has the amount I transferred not reached my beneficiary yet ?

The amount will normally reach your beneficiary within 3 bank working days. But in some unusual cases, due to very high volumes, the transaction might get delayed by 1-2 days. Your money will be safe with Machpay. We will work with you to resolve the issue.

How to provide security to this app ?

This app uses your android password as security. If you have provided security code/pin/pattern/fingerprint to your device then this app will recognize it and will use it as security. To provide security you can either go to your phone setting or go to your account in Machpay and click security which opens an alert box. if you have already provided security then the alert box will display as secured. If you have not provided security the alert box will provide an option to take you directly to your phone settings where you can provide security.

My issue is not listed above, what is my next step ?

If none of your issues are listed above or if you are not satisfied with the solution for the issues listed above, send an email to

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